When the mind disagrees

She could not sleep.

Trying not to toss or turn, she stared at the ceiling and waited. It never used to be this difficult to sleep. Not at the proper time for it. Her husband looked up at her from his phone.

“Still can’t sleep?”

It appeared that she hadn’t fooled anyone. She sat up, trying not to act embarrassed. “I’m just not tired.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” The light from his phone went off, leaving them both in the dark they could now both see in.

She smiled, shaking her head. “Tell you? It’s always been like this for you.”

“Wanna know what it is I do when I can’t sleep then?”

While she was curious, she couldn’t help but tease first. “I thought I was. Lazing about and staring at your phone. Maybe midnight meals? I never question where all of the leftovers always go.”

“Ah, there you go, only getting half of my crimes.” That smile of his, so clear in the dark.


She took his hand and they left the room.

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