“Where are you going?” Leondra asked her sister as the older girl packed her suitcase.

Her sister grinned at her, showing all of those teeth she was ever so proud of. “A place where I can hunt. Predators are meant to hunt.”

Leondra frowned. “You can’t do that here?”

“Not like I will be able to.” Closing her suitcase, they both had to sit on it to shut it completely. Her sister hugging Leondra close to her side. “You’ll have to visit. Bring dad, he’ll love it.”

“You mean have dad bring me, because mom still can’t believe you won’t be around.”

“I’m not dead.” Her sister rolled her eyes. “Leondra, decide what you want and then work for it. If you don’t, you won’t get anywhere but where life washes you up to and that might not be where you want to be.”

“Don’t try to give me life lessons. You’re not too much older than me.”

Leondra’s sister chuckled. “Older enough, kitten. Help me drag this downstairs.”

“If you need help moving this, you aren’t going to get very far away,” Leondra complained.

With a laugh, they both shoved the suitcase down the stairs.

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