Sunscreen is disgusting

The beach was peaceful, the red grains drying out under the sun.

Emily was too, zonked out under her umbrella for who knew how long. She could feel as though the burn might start, it was time to reapply the sunscreen. Waking up more fully, she reached for her drink. Still tangy, but no longer cool enough to be refreshing. Emily sighed and began to apply the cream.

Then Harriette came up. “I can’t touch you now, go away.”

The dalmatian was not as wet as she had expected, even more spots on his legs, as if they were freckles. Harriette pushed against her, incautious of the sunscreen.

“Harri, no. Stop it.”

Harriette pressed her nose against the side of Emily’s face, then determined she didn’t want to lick her greasy skin and lay down, rolling onto her back. Emily frowned.


However, the dog didn’t care about that and waited. Selfish, Emily decided, as she continued to cover her unprotected skin. Harriette’s patience eventually changed her mind. “You better wash off in the ocean, girl.”

Wiping as much of the cream off of her hand onto her legs, she rubbed Harriette’s belly.

All in all, an average day.

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