Winding down

“That is that.”

Robin’s energy finally had an outlet. “Are you finally done with the papers?”

Jay nodded. “That I am. The case is over- that and all the consequences.” His desk was cleared, for the first time in a long time. Seeing that much of the surface wood felt strange.

“Celebrations then?”

Jay steeled himself. “Very well. What did you-”

He stopped himself as Robin placed a bottle of sparkling wine on the empty desk between them. “I presumed this would go over well with you.”

Relaxing in his chair at the same time as staring bewildered at his friend, Jay chuckled.

“You constantly surprise me.”

“You’ve been tired,” Robin went on, pulling a couple of glasses out and beginning to pour, “so I thought we could celebrate while staying in this time.”

Jay took the proffered glass and rose it in front of him. “Cheers, Robin. Until our next mystery.”

“For all our mysteries!” Robin added.

Glasses clinked together and the both took a drink.

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