This describes a dog I know

The dog came up to her, tail waving slowly back and forth as he looked up at her.

“You look suspicious,” she said, patting his head. His tail wiggled a little more. “What did you do?”

Absolutely nothing, love me, said his body language, in the most suspicious of ways. Reaching behind his ear, she pulled off a leaf from within the strands of his long hair.

“Trying to become a gardener?” She smiled. The dog buried his face into her lap.

Then she saw the movement.

She exhaled her irritation. “Trying to become a bug catcher?” It wasn’t a flea, thank god, but enough was enough. “You aren’t getting in my bed. In fact, we’re doing your favorite thing. Having a bath.”

No matter how cute the dog could look, he would never be able to evade the bath.

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