Serious sportsmanship

It was the finals and there were only a handful of them left. He didn’t know where his teammates were, or even who were still in play. That was a dangerous position to be in. If he struck one of them instead of the opposing team, he would be at fault for them losing the championship.

He took stock of his weaponry. Mashed potatoes. Barbecue sauce slathered steak. Both good for leaving a mark, though the pieces of steak would be easier to aim. The potato would splatter though, he could get someone on the rebound. As long as no one else was nearby.

Then he was hit in the back of the head with a pie, sending him out to watch the rest of his team get one shotted by the single remaining member of the opposing team.

She liked using pie.

It was an embarrassing defeat for them in the Food Fight Nationals.

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