Happily passive

She put her hands on her hips. “What are you doing?”

They looked at the soil on their hands, the flowers in front of them, the pots at their side, then back up at her. “Gardening! Want to join me?”

She was pouting, they saw. They weren’t sure why, but she would likely tell them. “No I don’t! You’re spending time with me!”

They sat back on their heels and patted the dirt off their hands. “Okay. What are we doing?”

They saw that she hadn’t thought about it yet. She blinked at him owlishly. “We… are… going to the movies.” As she finished her sentence, she regained her confidence. “You’re taking me to the movies! Let’s go!”

“Okay.” They stood up with a smile. “Let’s go-”

“Hold it!” she interrupted. “You’re taking me like this?”

They noted where her gaze went and looked down at themselves. “I guess I could clean up first.”

She nodded. “You’d better!”

They went back inside to do so and to tell their father that they had to go to the theater.

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