“I can’t believe you’ve never had fondue before.”

Jay sighed. “If I had a case for every time you’ve said that.”

Robin frowned. “I’ve never said that before.”

“Not fondue specifically, no, but you say that about many other foods.”

Jay didn’t have the heart (or the energy) to tell Robin he simply wasn’t as interested in food as he was. It should have been obvious, but Robin didn’t seem to notice that others lacked the same intense interest. Jay lacked a general interest these days in food. As long as it was edible, it was fine.

“Well, once again, we’re going to fix this.” Robin watched as the pot was placed before them with a look Jay could only compare with his feelings for his paycheck. He held enough restraint to offer Jay the first dip.

Jay speared a bread with his proffered fork. “I submit to your wisdom on this.”

He was only partially sardonic. That in mind, he submerged the bread in cheese.

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