Excerpt of something else I wrote

“Should we take the car?” she asked. They would make more distance that way. Robin knew what she was thinking. If they left it here, the two in the back might get loose and catch up with them.

He tried to be as optimistic as possible. “Of course! Do you know how to drive!”

She shook her head.

“I took a class once.” Robin climbed into the driver’s seat as his companion entered the other side. “Or twice.”

“You don’t have a permit?” She sounded concerned, but considering how they were escaping a kidnapping, she had every right to be concerned.

“What’s important is that I have experience.”

“Okay then.” She nodded. “Let’s get into range so these phones will work.”

In some ways, she reminded him of Jay. He could hold himself together in situations where Robin felt like it could be difficult. However, unlike Jay, her calmness appeared so naturally, even though he could tell her true feelings on the matter.

He started the car and drove them off into the woods.

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