Adventuring can be hard

The world exploded around them. Hauke could have been swept away by the crowd, but for the fact he stood right next to Shields, who was unmoved. Physically, the fact that everyone was going crazy and shoving past him had its usual effect on Shields’ temper.

“Of course we couldn’t get through this quietly.”

Hauke decided not to mention that most of the time they failed on that account occurred because Shields wasn’t a very quiet person. He decided not to comment on that at all, sticking to Shields’ side like glue. “I hope Kya hasn’t done anything too crazy.”

Shields groaned. “I bet it was Roland. The guy’s crazy. Come one, let’s go.”

Easy enough for Shields to say, he began to walk and it didn’t matter how many people pushed into him on their way to become a crazed mob. Shields pushed through.

Hauke followed behind the moving pillar, trying not to touch anyone.

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