Time to eat pie

“Jay? Do you know where-”

“Bottom left cupboard by the sink,” Jay interrupted, not looking up from his papers.

Robin stared at him for a moment. “You didn’t even wait to hear what I was going to-”

“Bottom left cupboard by the sink.”

It appeared that Jay was in one of those moods. Nevertheless, Robin went to check in the place Jay had told him to, finding that, lo and behold, what he had been looking for was indeed there.

“How did you do that? What if I was going to ask about-”

“Right side of the pantry, bottom shelf.”

“How!” Robin squeaked, running off to the pantry to determine Jay was correct again.

“Have you developed mind reading powers while I wasn’t paying attention?”

Jay snorted. “No. I simply know that I cleaned the entire office last weekend and moved everything, so you don’t know where anything is. You told me you wanted pie, of course you’d want the location of the dishes and the pie.”

“I’m not that easy to predict!”

“If I had a case for every time you claimed that, I would have too many to work on.”

In a huff, Robin went to eat pie.

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