Don’t tell her it is a monthly subscription

Kyung-ja opened her eyes.

Before her lay mountains of jigsaw pieces. Not literal mountains, of course, but the mounds that surrounded her likely counted into several hundred of thousands. Not to a single puzzle, of course not. Ten, at the least, each with several thousand pieces to their name.

Kyung-ja closed her eyes again.

“Don’t close your eyes! We begin now!”

She looked up, focusing on Yeong-hui. Yeong-hui stood in the midst of the mess, arms folded across her chest, chin stuck forward. “We begin now?” Kyung-ja echoed.

“Look at all we have to do!”

Kyung-ja looked at all they had to do. “Eh. You can do it.”

“This is too much for one person!”

Kyung-ja had to agree. It also looked like too much for two people. In fact, she wasn’t sure why this was something they had to do at all. “Couldn’t you have not mixed them all together?”

Yeong-hui was offended. “They came like this.”

Kyung-ja didn’t blink. “The boxes?”

“A big cardboard box.”



Kyung-ja would have had a headache if she felt any more like putting together a puzzle than she had previously. Which she didn’t. “I hope you have fun, I am not sure why I am here.”

“To help me put this together, of course. Now.” Yeong-hui cleared her throat, sitting down on the ground. “We will start with the edge pieces!”

Kyung-ja was not going to bother with this. Still, Yeong-hui worked better with the appearance of solidarity. For her sake, Kyung-ja stuck around and watched the other begin to find the edge pieces.

They would be here for a while.

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