To bind a spell

Kya squinted, hair flying around in the wind. She would have to cut it, she kept thinking, but she never got around to it. She could see below the dust at the bottom of the canyon blowing into a solid mess. It wasn’t a new phenomenon, here, but today it was distracting her from something that was very important to her.

She watched the turbine spin, faster and faster, until it reached its max speed. Everything was working as she had intended for it to. Now, to see if this power could energize the one thing that she had never had the amount of power to begin. The magic involved had always asked for too high a price. Kya would supersede that now with mechanical power, powered by the wind, beyond what anything her hometown had ever seen.

The handheld device turned on, the gears within working the magic that had been described to her in all of the letters she had read, from several people, most particularly from the boy she was trying to contact now. But she had often gotten it this far, without further results. She did her best not to absently fiddle with the wires. That wouldn’t help. She just had to wait for the energy to come.

Finally, the screen cleared. She saw a room, just barely, and a couple figures moving around in it. Eventually one came closer, as the picture sharpened up ever so slightly.


He peered into his side and smiled. “Kya!”

For the first time, she could see her brother’s face.

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