Mission versus Desire

Sora no longer wanted to be infiltrating this place.

He had done it so well. Haruto was such a helpful person. He had wanted to give Sora everything he had asked for. Showed him the ins and outs of everything. No one had been the wiser. No one at all recognized who Sora was.

Haruto was too nice.

This city was going to die. Sora’s general had told him this years ago. Once he had found where they had taken the captain, then Sora would begin the rescue mission. Then this city would burn.

Or drown. Or collapse. Whatever it was that the general chose. Sora didn’t know. It never mattered to him before.

Why did he like living here so much? Why did he not care where the captain was?

“Here we are! You can see the entire city from here. That sounds so cliche!” Haruto laughed, larger than life, as he did everything.

Sora looked at him, then out and down over the city that would soon be destroyed. He pulled his hair back over his shoulder, pretending to be in awe and not in shock.

He wanted this city to live.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Just wait for the sunset, my friend. It’s beautiful now, to be sure, but at sunset! At sunset you will see!”

Sora watched the shift as the light waned. He wanted this city to die. Then this moment would have to be memorialized forever in his memory. Never to be ruined by future events.

He would have to kill Haruto too. After finding the captain.

Sora stared down at the street lights, watching the foot traffic. Never had he felt so conflicted before. He had to kill Haruto now, despite how useful he was. Sora couldn’t afford this indecision.

“What do you think?”

Now or never.

Taking in a deep breath, Sora turned toward him and smiled.

“I have a secret to tell you.”

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