When they don’t want to be there in the first place

They were the only two left standing. It could have been a standstill, but only one of them still had a bullet in their gun.

The other didn’t know. She hoped to bluff long enough to evade the other woman’s pull of the trigger.

Hiding behind their pieces of cover, they both waited for their opportunities. The woman with no more bullets weighed her options. If only she could make the other believe she was still here while she ran for it. It would be considered a loss, yes, but she would be alive. At this point that was all she could hope for. To live. She should have taken the opportunity earlier to pretend she was shot, but if she did so no the other would come over and put a last bullet in her head just to make sure.

She balanced her gun so the muzzle remained where it was, as if it was waiting for her to shoot. Now, to move away without making any noise.

Looking at her surroundings, she knew she couldn’t do it. A sob escaped her.

“I surrender.” She wondered if saying so would matter.

Then she heard a laugh. “Oh thank god. I think my weapon jammed.”

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