The moment before

All she had to do was knock.

Her best friend lived here. He had been her best friend for years. Everything they had shared together outstripped any fights they had ever had. In fact, sometimes the fights had been the most important parts. Removed all the problems from their systems. Put them back on equal ground, where they both belonged.

He had been the cornerstone of her new life. There was absolutely nothing that they couldn’t face together.

Of course, that required for him to face her first. All she had to do was knock. We need to talk…

Surely it would be fine. Out of all people, he would accept it. It changed nothing between them. This she had to stress. Everything is the same between us. This is nothing to do with us.

Just to do with her.

“I’m a girl.”

He would accept it. He had to. He had to accept her.

Taking in a deep breath, she knocked on the door.

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