Jay forced his eyes open. The frequency of his being knocked out lately was both ridiculous and couldn’t be good for his health. Proximity to Robin had this effect on everyone around him.

Speaking of Robin, Jay looked around himself. The shorter man was nowhere to be seen. Jay pushed himself to his feet, rubbing the side of his head. It was still dawn, he hadn’t been out long. At least that meant he didn’t have to worry as much about brain damage. At least, not through blunt force trauma.

After taking a moment to compose himself, he saw it laying on the ground. A blue and gold fountain pen, bleeding into the dirt. Pressing his hand against the building wall, he squatted down and picked it up. It stained his fingers black, but he recognized it. There was a particular smell that this ink had that he had never smelled from any other pen.

Thimba had made it here. Where was Robin?

Jay knew he was beginning to panic. Hand gripping tight to the pen, he began his search. He found Robin not all that far away, sitting on a pavement bench, blinking as if that would keep him awake.

“Robin!” He knelt down in front of him, trying to see Robin’s eyes in the dim light.


“Jay.” Robin’s words were slurred. “He took… the… I couldn’t…”

“It’s all right.” Jay slung Robin’s arm over his shoulder and helped him to his feet. “Let’s go.”

Perhaps it wasn’t proximity to Robin this time which had gotten them into trouble.

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