The officials suck at the things we’re good at

“Here you are Jay! I wrote us an advertisement!”

Jay wasn’t sure what to prepare for. Either it would be hilarious or genius, knowing Robin’s work. Or even both, but he wasn’t certain he could stand for it. He took the paper and peered down at it. “We can’t use this.”

“Why not?”

’Solve all the mysteries the officials can’t’? The cops will hate us.”

Robin wasn’t perturbed. “They already dislike you, Jay.”

Jay shut his eyes and put the paper down. “Trivialities.”

“You’re always saying that we need more exposure!”

He was always saying that. “Not like this. Let’s… reword it a little bit. It’s a good… first draft.”

That cheered Robin up immediately. “Of course it is! I’m glad you like it.”

Well, he would like it much better when he was certain it wasn’t going to step on the toes of the officials they already had to work around.

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