When on the hunt

With silver eyes, the dragon watched the traffic flow by. So did Jin. Not that he didn’t trust that, if something were to happen, the dragon would be the first to notice and the first to react. No, it was habit to use his own senses to look out for himself. He appreciated the dragon’s gaze nonetheless. Considering the fact he was waiting out here, when who knew what was happening with the others.

Jin didn’t belong here, waiting behind. The others might claim that as well, and it would be true, but not as much as Jin. Especially right now, when who knew what was happening to Li-

It wasn’t time to think about that. Jin ground his teeth. He felt the dragon’s muzzle press gently against his shoulder. Anyone else would have been in trouble for that. The dragon was allowed. There was no nefarious intentions behind that. He knew there was as much concern there as anything, not pretend feelings. The dragon missed Ling too.

Nevertheless, they had to focus.

He felt the dragon’s entire form tense beside him, those silver eyes swirling in a clockwise direction. Jin followed the gaze, finding their target easily.

The dragon waited for him. He recognized the respect in that decision and returned the favor. He asked all of his traveling companions to cede to him that leadership. It seemed as though only the dragon regularly remembered to do so.

“Save a piece for me.” There was no time for specific actions of revenge, but Jin would take his anyway. As would the dragon.

The crowd was startled and scared, but neither of them cared. They went for their victim with the viciousness their victim had showed them earlier.

The only option allowed would be victory.

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