Sing, Sing, Sing

The beat was fast and immediate. She grabbed his hands. “This one, come on.”

He followed her to the dance floor, taking her in his arms. Together, they stepped back and forth, pushing away from each other, then pulling close. He spun her around and back in, their feet matching stride despite their height differences. She nearly jumped into his arms when he leaned her back, pulling one leg up in the air. That was his second favorite part. The first was tied between picking her fully up and swinging her around his torso or when they strutted side by side.

Despite her inspiration, she almost seemed to forget a beat, but he improvised, spinning around her body as she pivoted on her feet. They let go of each other for a moment to mimic each other’s wild hand movements.

Then the feet. He had her again and the motion of their upper bodies seemed in complete sync, so he needed to focus on his feet again. Down from the hips, thighs, knees, ankles, feet, toes.

He was thinking too much, he realized. Technically minded he always had been. She was enjoying it and it showed.

And that was what really mattered. He let go.

Hoisting her over his arm, she landed in style, as she always did.

They were perfectly matched.

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