At The End

Here we sit together, no longer alone.
Each in our own little worlds, with the ones who inhabit them.
You look at me, I look at you,
I realize you have forgiven me
and I feel the same. We are content.
My life is chaotic as the world I inhabit and yours is the same. It
reminds me that
I can still retreat back to you. You will always
give me that, whether as last or first resort, but nothing will
have me make it a resort.
True, don’t you remember? I followed you, as lost as the sea
we despised. You gave me legs of my own, to walk the other path
I had missed. I did it because I
thought you wanted me to, wanted me
Yet now I lead, myself and
Others, while I sometimes miss a sure steady step,
Until I am no longer that naive. You remind
me I am my own.
Yes, now, we are equals, and I can step beside you
freely. Our goals are lost to time, but they are no longer as
Even so…
I miss then.
Now you smile at me and I forget.
Doubted or believed, this end is a new beginning.

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