Leveling up

Cerys’ life suddenly blossomed around her once again. She readied herself for what would happen today. Running, jumping, exploring, bartering, killing, and yes, sometimes dying. It happened.

Not as often as it used to. The girl behind the controls had gotten much better. Cerys appreciated the paths they took, the choices they made, much more than she used to. The girl had become as experienced as Cerys’ stat page showed.

Good job, Cerys wanted to tell her. But that was impossible. They lived in two entirely different worlds. The only communication was through the controls and what could be conveyed back to her, in whatever way it was that the girl experienced Cerys’ world. Cerys could only guess how it was that worked. Her life consisted of a story, one she had many ways of experiencing. When she hit the end, she would start it again. Either with everything or anew. Cerys had never regretted that.

But there was something about this girl. Cerys didn’t know what, but she wanted to know. She wanted to ask.

Who are you? How invested are you in me?

But then the session would be over and Cerys’ life would be put on pause. Everything froze.

Including Cerys.

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