Fortunately, she knows him well enough not to mind too much

“I behave,” he retorted. Maybe too quickly for the other two to believe him, but he had escaped the task of shopping and was quite happy for it. “Have a nice time. Staring at ingredients, jostling elbows with the other simple folk. All of that.” He let it be known there was not a single way he could consider shopping to be nice.

His best friend looked at him, amused, before leaving him with his wife. “You should see the room then,” she said. “You were so insistent we’d gotten it wrong.”

“Well, I’ll know when I’ve seen it.”

She led him to the baby’s room and told him to examine it to his heart’s content. Did she think this would distract him for forty five minutes? Anyone for forty five minutes? No simple letter blocks or tiles, nothing decorative with the baby’s name. Which he still didn’t know. He was certain that without those clues, he wouldn’t discover the name from this and while it would be dull, he couldn’t help a small rise of curiosity. Followed by disappointment.

“This is the dullest room in existence,” he moaned. “Much duller than shopping.”

“I’m certain it will be quite stimulating for a baby,” she assured him. “Everyone needs to start somewhere.”


With that, she decided they were done in the baby’s room.

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