The love of life lives on

Giselle recognized the car she pulled over and gritted her teeth. If there was anyone she didn’t like dealing with, it was the woman in the blue Ford Focus. This would be the third time this month. Knowing how this would go down, she exited her car and walked over to the car in front of her.

She didn’t even have to rap at the window. She hated how quick the woman was to roll it down and smile up at her. “Hello there, Giselle dearie! How are you doing today?”

“All right, ma’am,” Giselle retorted. “You know why I pulled you over?”

“I was coming from my youngest grandson’s birthday party. You know he’s twelve now! Too old for his grandmother to drive all that way to see him, I thought, be he was so happy! I got him a new game for his gaming device thing. The one he carries around everywhere, you know.”

Giselle forced herself to remain calm. “You were twenty miles over the speed limit.”

“Was I? I am a little tired.”

The eighty-something year old woman didn’t look tired. Giselle wasn’t yet thirty and she envied the energy this old woman had. As much as she hated how many times she did something wrong. Was she really that unobservant? Or was this an act? “Yes. I’m afraid I’ll have to give you a ticket this time.” Like last time. The lady was out of warnings.

“Oh, yes, I suppose you must. Get on that, then. I’ll take care of it. Then I’ll take care to not do this again.”

Giselle didn’t believe her. Nor did she think there would be a next time. It was really time to pull this woman’s license – not for being old, but for being reckless.

About time.

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