The Middle

It was midday when I
Realized we were no longer, you were sliding
ever away. You never noticed. You
finally found where you
understood that one of us was
supposed to leave and you went back.
Ending us.
I was no longer a leader.
My empire diminished.
My rule gone.
Yes, none of that mattered.
Drops of horrid liquid spill down the
edges of the walls. I realize I am alone and
suffering in a crowd of
thousands, it seems too much. Are you as lost as I? We broke the fourth wall together.
Recognize, nothing can go back after that.
Understand. Or
can it?
This couldn’t be the end, for we gave too much. Sitting in our thrones of nothing, we could pretend, but you know
I would do that only for you,
otherwise I would move on toward what I wish for. But I’ll wait, for there is
nothing more I can do.
I will only wait for you.
And there is only so long,
Miserably, so long life will wait.

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