More questions than answers

There was a small part of him that was aware it was a dream.

Yet he could not stop the terror which infused his bones as he ran. He moved through a forest or a large city, he wasn’t sure which. What chased after him was different too. But the few things his mind knew it was, he couldn’t remember what any of the options were. This made it worse.

He tripped and suddenly he was falling. He fell, fell, fell… until…

“What are you doing here?”

He recognized her eyes, her lips. She didn’t seem very glad to see him, in fact, she was a bit annoyed. But she was the most real thing in his mind and suddenly the fact he was being chased meant nothing.

“You aren’t one of them. Get out.” She blew on him and he woke up.

Staring at the ceiling above his bed, he wondered why he could smell Diana’s perfume in a place she had never been.

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