Not all that afraid

He looked into the room. She was asleep, oddly enough. As difficult as it was to get her to sleep when the sun went down, he was afraid to ruin it by coming closer. Yet he never did as he thought he should and he crept across the room, the light in the hallway obscured enough by the door not to light up the room.

In the dark, he looked down at her prone form. So small. He reached down, smoothing the fine hair at the top of her skull back, relishing in the touch.

“Night, babe.”

She slept on, thankfully. He leaned down and kissed her nose, which wrinkled slightly. Still asleep. He grinned, reaching out with a hand.

Only to be stopped by the sound of someone standing in the doorway, darkening the room further. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw the disapproval on his wife’s face.

Don’t wake her up, she mouthed at him.

Of course, he mouthed back. However, playtime was over. He left his daughter alone and went to put himself to bed.

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