Sometimes, you don’t have to say anything

Deston stared down at the water, where Zale moved around like one of the fish that they would be eating soon.

“The nets are full. Help me bring them up.”

He did so, climbing down the side to hoist the fish up on deck. Two small nets, set up wherever it was Zale had decided they would best harvest. He had, as always, chosen correctly. There would be enough to last them some time. Zale handed up the second and Deston threw that one up as well. Reaching down, he took Zale by the wrist and pulled him up out of the water. They both returned to the deck.

“I have to say, I think we got lucky this time,” Zale said brightly.

Deston nodded.

They sorted through the catch and got started with the packing. “The weather looks like it’ll hold up. The wind could take us further east, to the reef. What do you think?”

What he thought was that Zale knew more about this than he did, but he appreciated being treated as though he was on a similar level. He nodded again.

Zale smiled at him. He held up one of the fish. “Your favorite.”

At that, Deston couldn’t help but smile. Zale patted him on the shoulder, a hefty clap, before moving around him. Deston continued with the task and the two of them enjoyed the day with Zale’s occasional speech.

It was a good day.

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