Take a chance

To defy all expectations, she stepped off the roof. It was cold, falling through the air, the drag of it stinging her cheeks and eyes. There had been no time to hear the sounds of shock and protest from those she had left above. Once her choice had been made, she had decided that she would simply act upon it. Not her usual action, but perhaps they would later forgive her.

She approached the ground quickly. It took a lot of effort not to shut her eyes.

Then stopped.

With a smile, she turned herself upright and placed her feet on the ground. She checked the armlets that had been strapped on both wrists. What did they know, it worked just as she had told them it would. Looking up, she saw someone following after, though they were just an increasingly larger and larger silhouette in the dawn light, swooping down on her.

She would get an earful, but it would be worth it. And they all knew it.

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