Why is it always trespassers in these situations?

He poked his head out just a tad to see his targets. Drawing in a deep breath, all that came out was a low moan. No, that wasn’t right. Tobiasz had tried a low moan, but this one was barely audible. After all, there was no one startled. No one had even flinched.

“We’ve searched for hours and found nothing,” one of the women said.

“Probably because you’re too loud,” her friend retorted.

Tobiasz was certain they were looking for him. Which was why this presentation was very important. He couldn’t recall the last time people had come to visit him. The last time he had been too worried to come out and see anyone. Worried he wouldn’t make a good enough showing. Now was his chance. If only he could muster the courage. He readied himself again.

Then a beam of light trained on him. He gasped and fell back into the wall.

“Did you see that?”

“See what?”

“There was something over there.”

Their words became muffled as Tobiasz floated down and away. Maybe he would take a few more minutes to prepare. They hadn’t seen him, not really. He hadn’t ruined his debut. Sinking beneath the floorboards, he prepared himself once more to scare the people in his house.

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