Some tests are bullshit

There was a tall lamp set in the center of the room. Nita didn’t know why it was there, not with all of the lights that came from the walls and the ceiling, but she assumed it was a part of the test. The room also smelled like something rotting. As there was nothing in the room but for the lamp, she assumed either something had once coated the floor that still stank, or the stench came from the lamp itself. She dreaded the idea that it was more likely to be the latter.

The stem of the lamp was made of silver metal, to a blue cone that opened up to the ceiling.The base was a cylindrical disk. There was nothing special about this lamp. Even more suspicious, to Nita’s eyes. Yet this was the next room and she had already deemed the other hallway to be dangerous. This was the only way to continue forward, so she had to try this test and hope she had guessed correctly. Hope that this was the less dangerous way.

She brought the radio up to her lips. “George? I’ve made it to the third level.”

The hum that came from the other side told her to keep going. If there was something wrong, he would say. Unless he had decided she was too much trouble for him now. Nita didn’t know. There were a lot of things she didn’t know. There had yet to be an alien race that made any sense to her. Walking over to the lamp, keeping all four of her feet a good distance from the base, she reached out suckered fingers to sense the air around the lamp. Again, nothing interesting. The smell permeated the room. She wrinkled her face and searched the room again, but there was nothing else. Inside, she decided, focusing on one of the lights. There was something resting against the other side of the bumpy glass, a faded silhouette that wasn’t obvious with all of the light in the room.

Was the lamp a red herring?

Bringing up her bat, she swung it at the wall. The glass shattered and the body came out.

This certainly wasn’t the less dangerous route. Her other hand grabbed the lamp. Readying her weapons, Nita waited for the assault to come.

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