Someone’s going to pay

It was a long way down. Diana hit the eventual floor of the abyss less hard than she thought she might. In fact, she was still alive. Alive and well enough to be pissed off beyond belief at Martin. She’d kill him when she got out of here. Sitting up in complete darkness, she pulled out her lighter and a cigarette, to realize with horror that it was the last one she had on here.

“This better not take long!” she yelled back up. She doubted he could hear her. It had been such a long way down. He would face more of her wrath if it did take long though, so she decided to store her anger for later. Right now she had to get out of here.

There were monsters down here, Martin had said. Lighting her cigarette, she tried to look around with her flames. Many eyes looked back at her.

She put it out. “Yeah, I think I’ll wander about where I don’t see your faces, thanks.”

That seemed to be the right answer, as for a while she was not bothered by any of them.

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