Regular night of work

Melina waited for the vehicles to finally stop speeding by before she floated out into the middle of the roadway. Pulling her tools off her belt, she began to repair the lights. She had ten minutes before her superiors assumed she would be finished and would allow traffic to continue. This job took all ten of those minutes, so there was no time to pause.

Bella and Paul waited for her at the edge of the road, where her scooter was. Bella stretched out on her seat, sleeping in the light of the skyscrapers which lined the road. Paul sat on the handlebars, his feline eyes ever set on her position. Sometimes she worried that he might dart out here after her, but he never had. Even when she would cut her task too close to the end. At least she did not have to worry about either cat being hit. Only herself.

She found where the problem was and removed that chip, finding her appropriate replacement. At least she was told the correct strip to check this time. Melina thought she might actually get off the road with a minute to spare today. The replacement went in easily and she didn’t fumble at all putting the broken piece into the proper case she would throw it away in. Done, she let go of the roadway and floated back to the edge of the road where her scooter and cats awaited her.

Moving both Bella and Paul into the side cart, she watched the lights return to the road and she headed on to her next appointment.

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