Just don’t go to the Waterfall of Spiders

“I think we need to ask someone for directions,” James finally said.

Mercedes glared over the paper map, as her phone had run out of power an hour earlier. “I think that’s the Waterfall of Fish over there.” She pointed over at the waterfall in the distance, then squinted. “Never mind, those aren’t fish. That’s a Waterfall of Spiders.”

“I don’t remember that one,” James replied, glancing over at her map.

“It’s not a big enough landmark to be on here.”

“There’s a giant rat over there, maybe we can ask him.” James drove forward to pull up alongside the rat, who pointedly ignored the two of them in their new hover car.

“Excuse me? Do you know how to get to the City of Warehouses from here?”

The rat squeaked.

Mercedes grit her teeth. “Yes, I know. But we still got lost, you… um, friend.”

James decided to cover up Mercedes lack of tact, not that it mattered because the rat was being rather rude. “Then you know which way we take from here?”

The rat squeaked more and then ran off into the bushes.

“He was lying,” Mercedes said.

“Maybe not,” James responded. “Let’s go.”

They took the path of java chips and continued on their way.

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