Just a description

The church stood empty, as it had for the last ten years. A hole in the roof let in the weather and sunlight and had long since blanketed the floor with crumbling, dried leaves. It was a matted carpet of brown and orange, the vibrant colors had faded months ago. The rain had since turned the individual pieces into a collective, the days of sun afterward drying them out into the mess they were now. Some had smeared across the floor, once a pearly white, now a grey with streaks of dirt and leaves extending out from the leaves.

The only sounds from within were the twittering of birds and the skittering of rodents from under the old pews and from behind the broken pillars and walls. The wind on occasional came through high enough that the leaves scattered. There were no signs of the stained glass that used to populate the windows, now simply open portals to the outside. The dais in front had five large steps, raising past speakers above the rest of the congregation. It had been too long.

The storms would come. The sun would come. Everything else had passed. What it had been and what it had meant… gone.

The building stood empty.

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