Time for everything

She sat at the edge of the creek and waited. The calm water passed by, clear enough she could see the silt of the bottom. Further toward the center there came the occasional fish. That wasn’t what she waited for, therefore she didn’t move an inch.


“Not now, sweetie,” she responded quietly over her shoulder, eyes still on the river. The time seemed about right, so she slid sideways further upstream and reached in, the water up to her elbows as she picked up a stone, turning to see what lived under it.


“Come here,” she beckoned her daughter over. The child knelt down beside her and looked at the snails attached to the rock, eating away at the algae. The girl reached out and poked one of their shells. The chime that sounded rang clear, as though a bell rang above water. “This means it’s time.”

“Time for what?”

“Now,” the woman reaffirmed. Placing the stone back where it had come, she took her daughter’s hand and they descended into the water.

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