For science

He brought up his face mask, making sure it was secure before wading into the remains. The outside crumbled as he shuffled through it. He reached in to grab the organs, still warm from the creature’s recently faded life. Absolutely dry, the heart took up the space of both his arms. He turned around and placed it in the metal crate, sealing it within the alcohol filled container. That part protected, he turned back around and continued to rifle through the crumbling scales.

The next most important part was the liver. The positioning of the corpse meant that the remains left within the stomach and the intestines dripped out, disintegrating everything around them. He removed the liver as quickly as he could be careful, lowering it into the second container. One to go.

Finally, he walked around the appearing skeleton to end up at the brain. He reached up and noted the holes already eating out from the inside. He made a sound of disgust. This was wasted. Taking a few steps back, he removed himself from the body, which no longer was a body, but had gradually turned into a pearl white skeleton.

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