If only all misunderstandings were so easily resolved

On the day of her wedding, she was abducted by aliens.

“Is this the time?” she asked shrilly.

The aliens looked at each other. “Is there a better time?” one asked. “We wanted you to fill out a questionnaire.”

“I walk down the aisle in ten minutes!” the bride exclaimed. “I don’t have time for a questionnaire!”

“Oh.” The alien made a motion that was indescribable in human language. “Are you certain? Isn’t this the end of your life?”

“This is marriage, not death!”

“This human quote said that “marriage is the death”,” another alien said, bringing up the text for her to see.

The bride scoffed. “That’s not supposed to be taken literally.”

“That makes more sense,” yet another alien said.

“We apologize for the inconvenience.” The first alien made a motion and sent her back to earth.

And annoyed though she was, she never mentioned the experience to anyone ever.

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