Always the interruptions

“Okay, I seem to have a problem.”

Channary looked up from her book, startled. Maly was nowhere to be seen, but she swore she had heard her voice. Deciding she had to have imagined it, or Maly had said that to someone else while passing by the library door, Channary went back to her book.

“As in an important problem.”

She had not imagined it. Maly’s voice came from right in front of her. Channary looked up again, but didn’t see anyone at all, let alone Maly. “What?”

“I appear to have made myself invisible.”

Channary fixed her gaze on the empty space in front of her that Maly’s voice was spawning from. “Are you here?”

“Yes. As I said, I appear to be invisible right now.”

Channary stared for a few moments before finally speaking. “You didn’t go into father’s study again, did you?”

“I… might have stopped in for something. I didn’t touch anything!”

Biting her lower lip, Channary shook her head. “You’ll have to wait for father to come home.”

“I’ll be in so much trouble!”

“You’re in trouble right now,” she agreed with her sister. “Father will fix everything.” Mystery solved, she returned once more to her reading.

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