Every writer knows this (or something like this)

It was the day they were going to write their story, so they sat down at their computer and waited for it to turn on. They brought up their document, blank and ready for all of the ideas, and prepared to begin.

Right. Having some coffee would be a good idea. Before starting, so there would be no interruptions. They went and prepared that. Some snacks too. They filled a bowl with trail mix. With the bowl and mug in hand, they returned to their computer, which was ready for the story to commence.

Probably a good time to check email, so they didn’t suddenly wonder about it in the middle of a scene and stop mid-flow to take care of that. They read all the emails, responded to a few, checked out the links that were provided when they were interested. Okay, that was out of the way.

Music always helped the words come out. They brought up Youtube to look through their playlists and noticed that a favorite vlogger had posted. Well, now that they knew…

Somehow that sent them to TV Tropes and the day was gone.

Procrastination strikes again.

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