On the day of their anniversary, it began to rain. She was ecstatic. Turning to her wife, Kyung-soon said “Forget all of our plans. Let’s just take a walk.”

And they did. Lilah had taken her shoes off as they reached the edge of the grass. Kyung-soon’s parents were watching the children, so Lilah did not have to come up with an excuse as to why she was sinking her toes into the mud. Kyung-soon watched the splatter work its way up Lilah’s ankles and bottom of her skirt. Her own hair stuck to her face, bangs pressed almost into her eyes. Kyung-soon swept those drenched strands aside.

Lilah’s voice was almost drowned out as the rain came down harder. “It was raining then too, wasn’t it?”

Kyung-soon nodded, hands clasped behind her back. “Even more than today. Then it started to thunder.”

“You think it might today?”

“I hope so.”

They stood there, side by side, looking up at the deep shades of grey plastered across the skies. Kyung-soon scanned the endless cloud cover, distracted the moment Lilah kissed her.

It was like it had been ten years ago. No matter what had happened, what would happen, Kyung-soon knew Lilah’s gamble had been the best thing to ever happen to her.

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